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  • What are the benefits of Online Fitness Training
    Results will always be a priority: In an on-line training setting your results and transformation will always be a number one priority because, apart from the personal aspect of it, your results are my successes and your transformation is my marketing, so even if you don’t consider the ethical and personal aspect of it, it is in my best interest that YOU look and feel AMAZING. Basically, you are my walking, talking billboard. You get more bang for your buck: Rather than seeing you once or twice a week to count your reps and tell you what workouts to do, a comprehensive online program will cover workouts as well as nutrition and mental health, and will essentially provide an inclusive multi-dimensional approach to your fitness and wellness, rather than just focus on exercise. And it will do all that for much less than what you’ll pay to go see them every few days. No location or transportation limitations: This is not a “gym-based” program needing expensive fitness equipment or hunky chunky machines; you don’t even have to leave your house or your room. This is YOUR choice to get your health and fitness wherever you are. No time of scheduling limitations: There is no scheduling, timed-sessions, booking-slots, availability issues, or calendar conflicts involved here. You get to work on yourself and build yourself at your own pace and in your own time. No venue limitations: You don’t need to worry about what kind of gym you go to, what equipment they have, how clean the place is, how nice the staff are, how much you will pay for membership every month…etc. You will also not need to worry about what you will wear, how you will look, who will or won’t be there, whether someone is looking at you or making you uncomfortable, or whether the person next to you on the treadmill showered since last week. You can just be and do you. No upsells, targets, or ulterior motives: You’re not in a corporate setting being subjected to the ever-greedy commercialist hand reaching into your pocket for more. You don’t need to worry about a trainer trying to sell you something, upgrade you, or push to schedule you in so as to fill their day so they can hit some kind of hour-target or get some kind of bonus.
  • How does Online Fitness Training work?
    Personalized online fitness programs are a comprehensive approach to your fitness and health, so before starting any work I will assess your current status and condition in multiple regards, and will ask the questions I need to determine the “where you are”, and the “where you need to be”. Once that is done, we move onto the “how to get there”, where we start going into more detail about the combinations of activity, nutrition, and mental health support you will be needing in different phases to reach your fitness and health goals, along with the relevant timelines. Depending on the package you prefer we will also establish periodic communication and frequency, along with preferred communication methods, and instructions on how to use the dedicated app and setting up your logins for it. From there we begin your journey, and constantly monitor progress and development to ensure your program is always optimized to your current status, and your body is always challenged.
  • What is the process and how does it start?
    Here are the basic steps to any of Trimpossible’s personalized online programs: Physical, Nutritional, Mental, and History assessment Goals and End-Results Discussion Setting periodic Targets and Milestones Building your program based on the acquired information and goals Weekly program updates and status reports, with ongoing progress evaluation Monthly progress tracking and adjustments Milestone and Goal Reaching Celebrations!
  • What is the difference between In-Person and Online Fitness Training?
    Online and In-Person each have their pros and cons, of course, and some people prefer to see their trainer face-to-face. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that a lot of people just think they do based on their perception and conditioning after years of seeing in-person as “the way it’s done”. But first, let’s do a quick summary of the added value you get from Online training: You work out whenever you want and from wherever you want No group settings, crowded machines, irritating grunts and groans, or obnoxious regulars trying to strike up a conversation Your fitness program is not just about workouts and exercise. Instead, it is a much more comprehensive approach that covers your workouts, mobility, nutrition, mental health, and even your daily routines, activities and habits It is much cheaper, and you get a LOT more value for what you pay.You pay for: Workouts, nutrition, metal health, habit-building, knowledge & informationYou DON’T pay for: utilities, overheads, staff, marketing, company software…etc. Your program is 100% tailored to YOU, your goals, your needs, and your capabilities, instead of a rushed “one-size-fits-all” approach with minor adjustments here and there Your workouts can also be 100% tailored to your workout environment, whether it’s at a home, at a gym, outdoors, in a pool, or even with or without equipment You don’t need to worry about disrupting your program or progress just because you’re going on vacation or traveling for work. You can’t take your trainer and gym with you on vacation, but you can definitely take your online program Pro Tip: Did you know that trainers at gyms only make about 30% of what you actually pay for your training? The rest goes to the gym! That means that every $100 you pay, only abut $30 out of that actually goes to your trainer! So if you’re looking to support local and support small businesses, hire a trainer directly and not through a gym. It is usually much cheaper AND you make sure THEY actually get what YOU pay, not some facelesscorporation.
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