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After 12 years and seven different marketing positions, I made the decision to leave the corporate world, pursue my passion for fitness, and turn it into a career. Despite working my way up the corporate ladder and earning more than enough to live comfortably, something was missing in my life. I was in a marketing manager position in the last company, but it was too draining, and life became all about work. In the end there were changes happening internally that I didn’t agree with and too much politics to let me enjoy the actual work, so it was the right time to leave.

For three years I thought about leaving before finally making the decision to sever ties with the corporate world and become a Personal Trainer. I’ve experienced the usual doubts that everyone does when making such a big life decision, and it wasn’t easy to leave the security that my job provided.

For me, being a PT is about so much more than helping people to look good. It’s deeper than that. I wanted to be a personal trainer so that I could empower women to be strong, love their bodies, and gain the confidence they need to take control of their lives. My own experiences with yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and zero-confidence in the gym allow me to identify with similar traits and patterns in others. They allow me to empathize, but also prevent me from feeling sympathy, and replace it with a drive for dedication and motivation that I strive to share and instill in others. Watching people achieve more and do better each week is a rewarding experience. I love being a part of someone’s growth process, and watching them realize things about themselves that they didn’t even know existed.

Society looks at people in the fitness industry in a very different (and unrealistic) light. Whether the perception is shallowness & superficiality, hulky bulky masses of muscle, or super-toned & tanned models who can put both ankles behind their head while doing handstands on a beach somewhere with an oddly perfect (photoshopped) sunset magically floating behind them… None of that is a real representation of fitness, or the people in fitness; nor is it sustainable for more than some marketing and promotion. Basically, thinking all people in fitness are like that, is akin to thinking fast-food burgers actually look the way they do in ads and on billboards. The fact is, if you don’t look like a hot mess, with a nice big puddle under you at the end of a workout… then you haven’t had a workout.

So no, it’s not just about lifting heavy things, drinking protein shakes, and grunting/shrieking with every lift while everyone shouts motivational phrases at each other. It's deeper, and it gives me so much more than just physical benefit or even health benefit. It has actually helped me become a better person; and I hope that I give the same to every person I train or even give advice or tips to. I want to know about your goals—and not just the ones on the scales. I work with you to train both physically and mentally to accomplish goals, overcome obstacles, and to build overall strength and confidence.

TRIMPOSSIBLE FITNESS is for women struggling with health, fitness, self-esteem, eating disorders, pre & post pregnancy weight, or even just generally feeling constantly tired and lazy. From yo-yo dieting, to scale obsessions, to no real knowledge of nutrition, to fitness, to how the body works and everything in between, instead of focusing on a goal weight, I want you to realize what your body is capable of doing. It’s important to me for people to see a trainer that’s not perfect. I wasn’t a gymnast, athlete, cheerleader or dancer; in fact, I honestly could NOT DANCE, nor even had the confidence to try. Now, dancing is one of my passions, and I can’t go a week without at least some Zumba moves.

Fitness is not a “hobby”, it is something that saved me and saved my life (more on that on a later post, maybe), and I want to give it to other people. At the end of the day, it’s really about how you feel about yourself and if you’re enjoying life… but trust me when I tell you… you can do A LOT more than you think you can do, AND much faster as well. All it needs is dedication and trust.

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